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At Harley Street Physio you can be sure that you’re in safe hands. We pride ourselves on delivering the best manual therapy and rehabilitation services around. Plus, we concentrate on targeting the underlying cause of your problem – not just treating the symptoms.

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Why Choose Harley Street Physio?

We focus on targeting problems, not treating symptoms. This means that we ensure the underlying problems that may be causing pain or lack of movement are addressed. Our clients want as complete a recovery as possible.

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Hip to Toe Clinic

A service aimed at patients who have pain in the Hip and Groin Region, knee or foot and ankle, particularly those who have not improved from standard treatment, previous physiotherapy or who have prolonged or complex symptoms..

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At Harley St Physio we focus on delivering a variety of physiotherapy treatments for musculoskeletal and sports injury conditions that will lead to the best long-term outcome for our patients.

Treatments available

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Follow Up Appointment (30min)


Shockwave Session



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